About us

About Us

Bitcoin is a revolutionary invention of the last decade. Its essential meaning is money digitization.

Bitcoinpayfast.com is a platform that enables customers to convert their bitcoins to cash at a reasonable price in preferred local currency.

Customers can however sell their bitcoins and have money from the sales of the btc sent to their bank account or other convenient means which they can receive their money.

Banks don’t support bitcoin but we offer a secure medium of exchange where bitcoins would be exchanged with local currency.

Our advantages:


All you need to do is copy our wallet address, then transfer bitcoins using your bitcoin account.


Upon verification of your order, we pay the equivalent amount requested to the bank details

Safe & Secure

The most important component of this platform is creating a trusted environment where customers feel confident in making transactions.

Our team:


What Timothy does in Bitcoinpayfast company, is what our clients call “fiscal magic”. He is an accomplished pro...


Lily worked here only 3 years, her efficiency have allowed us to name her a Senior manager recently…


Jennifer works the longest of all non-founding managers. She brought more SMB transactions in than anybody else...